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Project SMARTUP is the result of a cooperation effort between higher education institutions, companies, the European Crowdfunding Network and business foundations from 9 EU countries and Stanford University. The aim of the project is to develop innovative Startup Master & Advanced Reflective Tools through cooperation, based on the idea that students need entrepreneurial competences to succeed: both hard (about management and innovation) and soft and transversal (incl. those for self-awareness and resilience).
SMARTUP will offer useful support to face the challenges inherent in the entrepreneurial process, incl. offline and online tools to help students in the early stages of enterprise development, from crafting their idea to accessing finance. A smart open space will help future entrepreneurs to share knowledge and know how, but also tricks and tips, and face the start-up challenge. This community will be animated by students, start-uppers, teachers, mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors. A new Master programme, developed and tested by the universities in close cooperation with the other partners, linked to online instruments and contents will play a key role. SMARTUP will integrate contributions from academic institutions and business organizations by means of new methodological approaches, in order to produce 2 main outputs: an innovative Master on entrepreneurship and an inclusive web portal for students and start-uppers willing to improve their entrepreneurial knowledge and mindset.

What We Do

Create a synergic innovative learning pathway – the Master programme that will combine both traditional and new contents with new teaching tools, serious game, webinars, mobile apps, with a particular focus on mentoring and coaching through an integrated approach
Stimulate the entrepreneurship potential of EU students and talented youth in general, and to guide them through a pragmatical learning path
Ralize one of the objectives of Bologna Process through quality assurance and the accreditation (ECTS) of the pathway
Build a platform where the contents of SMARTUP will be publicly available (OER) and accessible to EU potential start-uppers
Verify, thanks to the participation of the European Crowdfunding Network, the market potential and the quality of the ideas of students/start-uppers
Build a European community of students, start-uppers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and business angels where participants can share their experience.

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“Knowledge is the most important thing in life. ”

Ivan Nenkov, Co-Founder

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We will do a refresh in the learning system.

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